I am somehow all things at once.

Mostly furious. Broken. Untethered. Hiding from every step I have to take without him. And yet, unable to sit still in it. In my heart.

Sometimes upright. Sometimes doubled over.

I am a desperate chant. A mantra.

Come back to me, puppy.
Come back to me, puppy.
Come back to me, puppy.

Wish me well, earthly tribe, as I get up from this couch. And walk out the door. Through this brutal autumn. Toward another moment without him.

3 thoughts on “Grief

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  1. You got this Sue.
    And your tribe’s got you.

    Grieve a bit. Laugh a bit. And one day it will start to hurt a bit less. My wish for you is that day comes soon

    Sending you so much love! Hugging you around your calves like Lando always hugged people. I love you and I know as painful as it is, this too shall pass


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