My nickname is Susú. I was born in Washington Heights, NYC and am made of Cuban parts. I am single, of a certain age, and deeply moved by such things as my mom’s heart, my dog’s paws, a great movie, a perfect salsa class, the pursuit of personal growth, and connecting with people. I feel that the world is my family.

“Sin zapato” is a phrase that rolls off my Cuban mother’s tongue on a daily basis. It’s a warning, an admonition, a wag of the finger. It’s also the thing that I love to be, above all other things. Barefoot.

This blog is dedicated to the girls and women out there, standing on their own ground and doin’ the damn thing. I see you, I am you, and I salute you.

Susú is a writer, life coach and
corporate America escapee


once upon a time

i had boundless space and endless timeonce upon a timefor kings and queenswith measuring sticksto enter and roamin and around my Throne boundless wonderonce upon a timefor their colorful cloaksfringed with peacock feathersmimicking the shades ofwisdom and grace endless doubtonce upon timeof my own placein my own castlewhere i often walkedlooking down for unseen crackslooking…

At least…

On support, permission, and freedom in partnership and singlehood


On immigrant mothers and their daughters, and the bridges we build

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