I am somehow all things at once.

Mostly furious. Broken. Untethered. Hiding from every step I have to take without him. And yet, unable to sit still in it. In my heart.

Sometimes upright. Sometimes doubled over.

I am a desperate chant. A mantra.

Come back to me, puppy.
Come back to me, puppy.
Come back to me, puppy.

Wish me well, earthly tribe, as I get up from this couch. And walk out the door. Through this brutal autumn. Toward another moment without him.

3 responses to “Grief”

  1. Christina Paryani Avatar
    Christina Paryani

    Brave girl, I love you


  2. Sending you love & strength to get through this terribly sad time. My heart aches for you.

    Love, Kelly


  3. Sonja Macciocchi Avatar
    Sonja Macciocchi

    You got this Sue.
    And your tribe’s got you.

    Grieve a bit. Laugh a bit. And one day it will start to hurt a bit less. My wish for you is that day comes soon

    Sending you so much love! Hugging you around your calves like Lando always hugged people. I love you and I know as painful as it is, this too shall pass


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