Dearest Boy,

I pluck you from the stardust
And pull you Earthward
Into an existence of pure adoration

I tell you now
You will be perfect
And perfectly loved
And when not, you will demand it
Because you can

You will arrive to a throne in New York City
And move to another in New Jersey
And it will take only moments to understand
That the woman on the floor with you
Is yours
In every moment

You will belong to everyone
Miriam and Mary and Juan
Marta and Jon
Steve and Dee
Amy and Seth and Aaron
Ashley and Audrey
Udebir will tell his family in India that he has a dog named Orlando
Annie will wait for you at the the corner and claim you as her boyfriend
Pat will open his arms and call you a spoiled brat
Sonia will watch you roll onto your back for her own love, Logan
Rita will insist that you sit on her
Jariah will run to your side and hug you

You will have a soul mate
A perfect match
And with her, you will run and tug and bicker
Like the best of marriages

You will have many names
Godson, Sobrino, Nieto
Booger, Stinky, Poser

And all of these will matter
But none more than Mine
It is all she wanted when she conjured you
Something that was hers
And of all things you will be
It will be the thing she treasures most

It will not matter that you’re good or smart
Or friendly or behaved
Not to her
You will be hers
Without condition
In every single moment
Because all that is holy about you
Is only that you’re alive and hers

As missions go
This one is easy
It’s to break her heart open
You don’t have to do anything
Just jump into her lap
And it will happen
It is unavoidable

You will be legendary
And like all legends
Your time with her
May not be as long
As either of you will want

And she will likely never forgive me for that

But I pluck you from the stardust anyway
And wish you safe travels there and Home
When the time arrives.


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