the thousandth hour

when she stands before the clock
her mind leaps to the end of the day
or week or season
it’s always too late for the unspoken plan

son las mil

like when she stands before the stand
of rolling plátanos on display
her eyes and arms leap to the top of the pile
the perfect one surely beyond her reach

no alcanzo

she is a planner of things that have not come to pass
a reacher of things just past her grasp

de lo imposible

for her mother’s love
her father’s love
her husband’s love
her self-love
or the dream of a daughter’s life in full bloom

son las mil

my heart’s wish every day
is for her heart’s peace in a day
that was gloriously


no alcanzo

myself a planner
a reacher
de lo imposible

2 responses to “the thousandth hour”

  1. Beautiful, so talented!


    1. sergiaflo123 Avatar

      so grateful you think so…❤️


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